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A Defensive Advisor believes the best way to make money is to keep what you already have. We believe the way you store your money can have a huge effect on your taxes. Let us review your tax return and give you a second opinion with tax-reducing alternatives. Believing you are diversified when you aren’t can be a costly mistake.

At this point in life …

Do you need a portfolio built for growth or income?

Is it important for you to have most of your portfolio in principal protected positions?

Is asset preservation more important than growth?

How do you expect to pay for long-term care?

If you lost money in 2008, your portfolio was too aggressive.

We use facts, logic, and common sense when rendering advice. Views regarding financial planning strategies, concepts, and definitions may vary according to the individual. The advice we give and the contents of this website are based solely on our beliefs and interpretations of financial planning.

Hynes Advisory Group, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm for the state of Missouri. The content of this website shall in no fashion serve as solicitation to provide investment advisory services to any residents of states in which the firm does not maintain investment advisor registration. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

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